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19 July 2008

Saif, Kareena Live it Up

We all know about how Saif Ali Khan just cannot live without Kareena Kapoor, the love of his life. In fact, these days, Saif is more busy following Kareena around the globe, at her various shootings, so that they can spend some quality time together.

Recently, Kareena was in London and thankfully, so was Saif, shooting for his maiden home production. But now the couple seems to have moved to the US. It seems that the next schedule of Saif's film, which is being directed by Imtiaz Ali, is in the US. Luckily for Saif, Kareena too has to shoot in the US for Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambakht Ishq. She will be in Los Angeles while he will be in San Francisco. Just an hour's distance separates them from each other.

After all the distances that he has been traveling to catch up with Kareena, the one hour travel, will seem like a cakewalk for Saif. He went from London to Bangkok, because Kareena was performing at the IIFA awards. Then he flew to Frankfurt where she was performing at Shah Rukh Khan's Temptation Reloaded concert.

After all that buzzing around the globe, at least he can rest in peace in the US for a while, knowing that Kareena is close by.